A Room for Massage

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A Room for Massage

We were at a Mothercare event the other day and one question kept coming up. Where is the best place for baby massage? Well, the great thing about baby massage is that all you need is a warm room and a clean floor. It’s so simple. But all the same, we thought we’d have a little fun helping you to create a baby massage space that pleases our grown-up aesthetics too – after all, the session is for you both to relax and enjoy!

You don’t need a large house to create a massage-worthy space. Take a look at this simple rug, seat and plain walls design.

(Source: Siol Studios on Pinterest)

If you can’t stretch to a dedicated room, then a quiet corner of the house is just as effective. And don’t forget, a designated ‘massage’ area can be used for yoga, meditation, quiet reading time and cuddles with babies, and even a chill out zone for older children.

To create a little sanctuary, we believe there are a few essentials. Now, we don’t want to go all Marie Kondo on you, but clearing out your clutter is a must – how can you, or baby, relax when surrounded by lots of distraction?

The same goes for electricals. Okay, so you may need your laptop or tablet to view our baby massage course, but otherwise your zen zone should be void of phones, TVs and wiring.

(Source: www.rozalynnwoods.com)

We love giving baby massage by a window with lots of natural daylight, and apparently this is really good for you. It also means you can let air circulate (although make sure it’s not too draughty for baby). However, if your little corner of calm has no natural light, why not invest in a stylish lamp that gives off a relaxing yellowy light?

Opening a window, or enjoying baby massage outside is amazingly healthy in theory, but for those of us living in long winter climates, we can bring the outdoors in. Yep, we’re talking about plants, flowers, rocks and sand, and even water features. There is nothing more relaxing than the gentle trickle of water in the background. Ah, we’re feeling relaxed already. (Just make sure you don’t leave baby alone with a water feature!).

(Source: FLO Design Studio on Pinterest)

For the ultimate in relaxing spaces, we find ourselves drawn to Japanese style, and with a few additions, you can make your room or space an oriental haven. Try a tatami rug, or sand mat, a Buddha carving and orchids to achieve the look. We love this room: the symmetrical design, even down to the flowers, means we can’t help but feel calm when we look at it.

(Source: hdimagelib.com)

For us, the most important factor is comfort. Cosy cushions are a must, and baby will love the textured feel of a fluffy rug. Check out this tiny room – the symmetrical, oriental inspired cushions give off such a relaxed vibe.

(Source: Ritz-Carlton at Phulay Bay)

And for the ultimate inspiration, take a look at this picture taken at the Ritz-Carlton at Phulay Bay, Krabi in Thailand. And breathe…

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