Purple Ampersand
new born baby sleeping, with a bare bum

How to prevent and cure Nappy Rash

Nappy rash Did you know that 1 in 3 babies and toddlers have nappy rash at any one time? There are lots of different causes ...
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3 bumbinos. blue bumbino, green bumbino and purple bumbino with Junior Design Awards logo. the bumbino is a towel to make nappy-free time easier.

Junior Design Awards Shortlisting

I am so unbelievably honoured that the bumbino has been shortlisted alongside these absolutely amazing products for this year’s Junior Magazine Awards under the Best ...
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pregnant lady over due counting down days

Old Wives’ Tales for Inducing Labour

Old Wives’ Tales for Inducing Labour If you have gone past your due date, you are probably feeling fed up, heavy and uncomfortable, not to ...
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Preparing your labour bag

Packing your labour bag is an exciting time during pregnancy and signals that it won’t be long until baby has arrived. It is recommended that ...
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An Ode to the Bumbino

Love this! A little limerick just for the Bumbino written by Natalie at NB Copywriting. It's a great idea for promoting a product. I'd never ...
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colic, crying baby, infant colic, infant crying

How to Relieve Colic with Baby Massage

As a new parent, you have been ready for sleepless nights, lots of dirty nappy’s, and constant feeding. What you may not have been aware ...
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10 Fun Family Activities this Easter

10 Fun Family Activities this Easter It was great to meet so many of you at the Bump and Baby Expo in York at the ...
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Eating Rainbows

Eating Rainbows We’re now into April (gosh this year’s going fast) and thanks to plenty of showers, and bursts of spring sunshine, the sky is ...
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The things mums say!

The things mums say!   With Mothering Sunday coming up this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at those common sayings that all mothers ...
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