The Bumbino – making nappy free time a happy time

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Let me introduce you to the Bumbino!



It all started when we were creating our massage kits. I wanted to provide something that would allow baby to enjoy their massage nappy-free and to make the massage easier for you. And so, the Bumbino was born!

The Bumbino is made from super soft and absorbent bamboo towelling on one side and soft breathable waterproof fabric on the other. It sits loosely under and over baby’s bum to allow their little bums to breathe whilst giving you the peace of mind that any little accidents will be contained.

Whilst the Bumbino was created with massage in mind, we soon realised that this little contraption would be helpful for all parents as nappy-free time can sometimes be a little tricky! As most of us will have experienced, as soon as nappy is off, they like to create little fountains and ‘sprinkle’ themselves and everything else around them.

This can put a lot of us off nappy-free time!

However, it is important for baby to have time without their nappy. Not only does it air their sensitive little bottoms, helping to guard against nappy rash, it also allows them to kick their legs freely without being restricted by their nappy. This allows them a full range of movement and gives them time to get familiar with how their body feels and moves without any constraints.

With the Bumbino, you can all have a happy nappy-free time! x

You can buy your Bumbino here for just £10

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