The Bumbino – for a happy nappy free time


The Bumbino is the first of its kind, a botty bib for nappy-free time to contain any little accidents! The Bumbino is made from soft and absorbent bamboo towelling on one side with soft and breathable waterproof backing on the other.


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Baby’s love having their nappy off and it’s important to let their little bums breathe. It helps to fight against nappy rash and gives them the freedom to kick and explore a full range of movement. However, we all know that as soon as nappy is off they like to pee freely! And that’s why we designed the Bumbino. The Bumbino will absorb and contain any ‘wee’ accidents making nappy-free time that little bit easier.

The Bumbino comes in 3 different colours, Blue, Purple and Green and is approximately 21x 48cm

Please note that the massage mat shown in the third photo is a separate product.

3 reviews for The Bumbino – for a happy nappy free time

  1. Jenny

    These are such a great item! My boy loves nappy free time and this just makes it less stress for me!

  2. Jess (verified owner)

    As a Bumbino virgin! I fell in love with this product instantly! My little boy loves nappy free time especially as a newborn. He would get quite sore between his creases and I found the bumbino aloud him to have that air without the mess!


  3. Eleasha (verified owner)

    These were an absolute life saver for me when my little boy was born. He suffered terrible reflux and the only thing that made him happy was having his nappy off, which meant a lot of mess! I was so happy when I come across this product as I’d never seen anything like it before. It is amazing quality and so soft against your little ones skin. Nappy free time has lots of benefits especially when they suffer with nasty nappy rash! I couldn’t recommend this product enough 🙂 thank you for making those newborn days a lot easier xx

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