About Baby Massage

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What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage comprises a simple sequence of rhythmic strokes on your baby’s body using a variety of techniques. This wonderful bonding activity also allows for communication with your baby through speech and eye-to-eye contact, as well as a special opportunity to learn to understand and respond to your baby’s cues.

Over the last few years, baby massage has become extremely popular in many counties as research has found there to be profound benefits associated with touch and massage in the early years. However, baby massage is not a new concept. Anything but. It is an ancient art that has been practised by parents for centuries across the globe!

Baby massage is a special bonding activity for you and your baby – a time of peace, happiness and connection between you and your little one.

There is a growing body of research that evidences the therapeutic benefits of baby massage. Baby massage is already a fundamental and routine part of baby care in many parts of the world and is becoming increasingly prominent due to its benefits for both babies and parents.