Our Instructor

Purple Ampersand

Hi, I’m Tammy McLellan, I have been teaching baby massage for 30 years to both parents and health care professionals!

Over the years, I have taught classes and courses from the local community centres to maternity hospitals.

Following my passion, I have been fortunate to have seen many of the benefits of baby massage first hand, through both my teaching experience and that of being a parent myself.

I trained in massage in 1989 and when my daughter was born, I felt like the most natural thing to do was to massage her. At this time, in the UK, not many people massaged their baby. I felt surprised by this then realised after speaking to other parents that it hadn’t even occurred to most to try it and others just lacked the confidence. Intrigued by this, I began to do more research into baby massage. I soon learnt that, as well as many other benefits, premature babies whom were massaged and rocked for 3 x15 minute periods a day, after 10 days had on average a 47% greater weight gain 1 . Empowered by my new knowledge, I decided to speak to my local maternity unit about the profound benefits of baby massage. I then began to work with midwives, parents and babies and the response from the parents and babies was wonderful.

To my delight, a national paper even picked up on the success and published an article on the benefits of baby massage. As a result, health professionals began calling me to ask if I would teach them how to teach parents. And so I started the Scottish School of Child and Baby Massage. 30 years on, I continue to teach baby massage and feel so privileged to pass on my knowledge to parents.

I do hope you enjoy the Bambino&i Baby Massage Course.  And if I could impart one piece of advice to you before you start your baby massage journey, it is to always remember to listen to your baby, take it at their pace and, most importantly, enjoy it and the special moments that you will spend together.

Love Tammy

[1] Field, T., Schanberg, S. M., Scafidi, F., Bauer, C. R., Vega Lahr, N., Garcia, R., Nystrom, J., & Kuhn, C. M. (1986).Tactile/kinesthetic stimulation effects on preterm neonates.  Pediatrics, 77, 654 658.