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Online Baby Massage Course – Instant Access

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Want to learn more about baby massage? Purchase our online course to gain instant access – here you can learn baby massage techniques and routines by following our expert led course!

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Baby Massage is a wonderful way to spend time bonding and getting to know your baby. Going to a class with your baby is always a special time. It allows both you and your baby to socialise with others and of course, and being face to face with your instructor is always beneficial. However, we know that it’s not always possible to physically attend a class. It may be too expensive, not on at convenient time, not easy to get to, or you may just feel intimidated by the prospect. That’s why we decided to bring the class to you! You can watch our course at a time and place that suits both you and your baby, you can pause it, rewind it and watch it as many times as you like.

IDEA: Why not get your antenatal group together and follow the course!


Our Course

Our course, taken by expert Tammy McLellan, provides you with detailed information about baby massage and instruction on how to massage your baby. It is delivered in 4 sessions, and set up as if you are attending a full baby massage course. We have even designed the videos specially to make you feel like you are there! The course is structured to allow both you and your baby to gently ease into massage, building your confidence as you become familiar with the techniques and routines. The beauty of the online course is that you can stop and start the videos to fit around you and your baby. If baby is not in the mood, then pause and try again later.

We have also included some short videos to guide you through some shorter massage routines for relaxation, playtime and for common ailments.


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