Online Baby Massage Course

Online Course Information

  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  •  1-year unlimited access
  • Expert tuition – over 30 years’ experience
  • Ability to stop & start to fit around your baby’s needs

Please note that this course is intended for parents and caregivers to learn how to massage their baby. If you wish to train and gain certification as an infant massage instructor, please visit our Instructor Tammy McLellan’s website Her courses are aimed at health & social care professionals, nursery nurses, childminders and early years staff.

What will I learn?

You will learn proven techniques to help baby’s development, whilst strengthening the bond between you. You do not require any previous knowledge of baby massage as you will learn everything you need to know during your course.

  • Theory of baby massage
  • Massage techniques for your baby’s whole body
  • Massage to relieve your baby’s colic, constipation and gas
  • Massage techniques to soothe your baby to sleep
  • Massage to relieve your baby’s teething pains
  • Massage to relieve your baby’s sticky eye
  • Bedtime massage routines for your baby
  • Playtime massage routines for your baby
  • And much more…

Course Instructor

bambino and i instructor

Tammy has been teaching baby massage for over 30 years to both parents and healthcare professionals.

Rest assured that you will be learning from the best! You will be learning from an expert and are sure to be in safe hands given Tammy’s knowledge and passion for baby massage. She is a leader in infant massage and has been responsible for training NHS midwives and health visitors, therapists, sure start teams, family support workers and nursery nurses. Tammy also loves to run classes in her local area as she is passionate about supporting parents through the exciting, yet sometimes challenging, period in their lives as they get to know & understand their babies. Learn more about Tammy here 

Online Course Information

1. The Baby Massage Course Sessions

You can complete the baby massage course at a time and place convenient to you whilst feeling like you are attending baby massage classes. Each session includes both a practical aspect where you will learn specific massage techniques and routines, and you will also gain insights from Tammy’s experience of being a mum herself and of her 30 years of teaching baby massage.

2. About Baby Massage

These videos all form part of the course sessions. However, if you’d like to watch specific videos again, you can easily revisit these videos for a quick recap.

3. Massage for Common Ailments

All babies suffer from various common ailments at some point. Here you can learn specific massage techniques to naturally help relieve them from common ailments such as teething pain, colic and sticky eye. Before trying these routines, please give both you and your baby time to get familiar with massage.

4. Massage Routines

Once you have completed your course, you can pick and choose specific massage routines depending on your baby’s needs.

5. Review of Massage Techniques & Strokes

Check out these videos if you need a quick recap of the strokes and techniques that you have learnt in your massage course.

6. Bonus Material

With 26 years of teaching baby massage, Tammy has countless success stories of baby massage. In these videos, Tammy shares a few of these stories.

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