Taster Session

Purple Ampersand

Thank you for trying our taster session – massaging baby’s legs & feet! We do hope you enjoy it.

Before you start, there are just a few things to know...

Baby massage is safe to start from birth. But before starting, please ensure that you are aware of the contraindications and cautions - when should I avoid baby massage?

Start by massaging your baby for to 5-15 minutes and gradually increase the duration as you and baby become familiar with massage. Use a firm stroke, being careful not to tickle baby as this can be uncomfortable for them. Most of all, remember to always listen to your baby’s cues, relax and enjoy this precious time together.

Preparing for Massage

It is important to make sure your setting is right. Ensure the room is warm, that you are both comfortable and that you have everything you may need to hand. Remove jewellery from fingers and wrists and ensure your fingernails are not sharp. It is best to be in a state of relaxation before starting as babies can feel any stress you have in your body. When you are ready, breathe deeply, roll your shoulders back and shake your hands.

I realise this may sound a bit crazy, but it is important to always ask for your baby’s permission. Do this by wiggling your fingers in front of them and look at them with a big smile, lovingly and reassuringly and ask them if they would like a massage. If baby is not in the mood, they are likely to let you know by fussing or crying. If this happens, try again later. When you are both ready, place some massage oil in your palms and rub together to warm hands and fingers. Always ensure you use enough oil to avoid any discomfort from
friction during the massage.

In learning baby massage, please remember that not only is it a new skill that you are learning, it is also something that baby is learning to receive. Therefore, it is important to choose a good time for both you and your baby. This is ideally when your baby is happy, and not when they are hungry, tired or have just been fed. When babies are tired, they just want to sleep. If they are hungry, they just want to be fed!


Things you need before starting:

Massage oil - we would recommend a cold-pressed, ideally organic, ‘edible’ oil such as coconut, rapeseed, sunflower or sweet almond.


Cushion to sit on

Spare nappy



Video length: 19 min 25 sec