Baby and Dad Bonding

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Did you know that a growing body of research shows that when dads spend time with their newborns and begin developing a strong relationship with them from the very beginning, they reap a number of benefits.  Here’s a few to get you started: ⁠

☑️ A child’s physical and mental development is significantly boosted when his dad has played with him from the start, compared to children whose fathers took a more hands-off approach.⁠

☑️ Fathers experience less stress and increased confidence when they have their own special time with their newborns.⁠

☑️ Strong father-child bonds can help counter issues such as depression later on in life.⁠

☑️ Men who report that they had a good relationship with their fathers during childhood were found to be better equipped to handle stress.⁠

☑️ Children who experienced close interactions with their fathers from an early age tend to be more successful academically, have better relationships with their peers and be less likely to get involved with crime or abuse drugs and alcohol.⁠

Baby massage can provide a wonderful way for Dad to bond with their newborn. Check out our video on how massage can help both baby and Dad: Why Dad’s should learn baby massage

⁠So to all you Daddy’s out there – you matter more in these early stages than you may think💙⁠

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