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Did you know that a simple massage routine can help to relieve sticky eye?

Sticky eye is a build-up of sticky, yellowish liquid in the corner of baby’s eyes. Sticky eye is very common in babies as their tear ducts are often not fully developed and can easily become blocked. This effects approximately 1 in 5 babies and can last for several months. Whilst it may unpleasant for baby (or more so, unpleasant for us parents to look at!) it usually isn’t a problem and you can easily clean it away using cooled boiled water.

However, if the eyes themselves or around the eye becomes pink/red, blood shot or swollen, you should seek medical attention as they may have a bacterial or viral infection.

When used regularly, baby massage can help to release blocked tear ducts. In our course, Tammy takes you through a massage routine to help ease sticky eye and demonstrates how to clean their eyes effectively.

PS Top Tip – when cleaning baby’s eyes, lean baby’s head towards the eye being washed to allow any excess water to run towards the hairline. This will ensure that there is no contamination between eyes.

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