The things mums say!

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The things mums say!


With Mothering Sunday coming up this weekend, we thought we’d take a look at those common sayings that all mothers come out with, that we find ourselves copying with our own children. Yep, we’ve all heard our mums’ voices in our heads when we tell off our little ones. Do any of these sound familiar? For those of you expecting your first child, it won’t be long before you find yourself sprouting these classics, we promise.


“Because I said so”

Hands up, who has said this? We’re pretty sure every parent has responded to their child with this at some point.  And while in an ideal world, we would dedicate every waking hour to our children, articulately explaining every request to them, sometimes ‘because I said so’ is the only viable option!


“Say ‘thank you’”

How many times a day do you find yourself reminding your children to say their p’s and q’s? Perhaps we should all agree to ditch the polite vocab. Now, wouldn’t that make parenting so much easier?


“Make sure you wash your hands”

Impossible to say without sounding like a nag, but when they come for dinner covered in mud, or pen, or something equally filthy, the thought of them putting their hands in their mouth fills us with dread. With the mud, at least, we can rest in the knowledge that they are developing an amazing immune system!


“If you don’t eat your greens, you won’t be strong and healthy”

How many times were you told this when you were a child and scoffed, and now say it every time you serve up peas at the dinner table? At least you can back this one up and blind them with science. Nutritious peas are packed with Vitamin C, while dark, leafy greens contain vitamins, calcium and iron.


[Nearing Christmas] “Remember, Santa’s watching, so be good”

This little saying works a treat in the run up to Christmas. Used too early, however, and the novelty wears off. But, from around the middle of November, this is an effective tool for achieving most things.


“If you don’t clean your teeth, they’ll fall out”

Well, they probably won’t fall out, not immediately anyway, but they will rot if not looked after, so our mums were right with this one. Nowadays we have the luxury of ‘Google-ing’ rotten teeth imagery to scare rebellious children into reaching for that toothbrush.


“Avoid the puddles!”

Peppa Pig killed this saying, much to the despair of any parent who does the laundry. As much as it brings children huge satisfaction jumping up and down in muddy puddles, you can’t help but think about that ever growing pile of washing, and how you’re going to remove all those stubborn stains.


“Too much chocolate is bad for you”

This one is definitely true. We just can’t help feeling a little bit guilty as we shout it to the kids from the kitchen where we are snuffling down a bar of Galaxy in secret.  I suppose we don’t always have to practise what we preach!


On that note, Happy Mother’s Day to all you yummy mummies!

Natalie x

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