An Ode to the Bumbino

Purple Ampersand

Love this! A little limerick just for the Bumbino written by Natalie at NB Copywriting. It’s a great idea for promoting a product. I’d never have thought of writing a poem for our products. But now that there’s one for the Bumbino, I think I might need to get one for the other products too 😉

The Bumbino

There was once a little boy

Going nappy-less gave him much joy

His legs loved to thrash

There was no nappy rash

It was more fun than playing with a toy


Baby experts say going nappy-less is relieving

Of symptoms like eczema and teething

Baby can freely move

And the air it can soothe

Letting skin on the bum do some breathing


But that left a problem for dad and mum

For the little boy had a tickly tum

Without a nappy

The boy was wee-happy

And baby massage had a messy outcome


But luckily Bumbino saved the day

A hero product that keeps mess at bay

A bib for the botty

A prelude to the potty

And the little boy got nappy-less play


The Bumbino is unique, something new

Made of towelling that’s soft, absorbent bamboo

And with a waterproof lining

It won’t leave you whining

Over little accidents comprising wee and poo!




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