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January - blog header for beating the January blues

Jan 11 2022

8 Steps to Beat the January Blues

The run-up to Christmas and New Year is often fraught with excitement and positive energy. However, once these events have passed and the exhaustion of ...
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Christmas scene - christmas tree with stockings hanging on the fireplace

Dec 3 2021

Christmas Eve Traditions Around the World

Most countries that celebrate Christmas worldwide tend to have well-established and often-followed traditions for Christmas day itself, but things are often a little less clear ...
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Jun 24 2021

Placenta Encapsulation

Many people believe that eating your placenta after giving birth brings a multitude of health benefits. While some of you may think this sounds disgusting, ...
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sleepy baby

Feb 19 2021

Help! Why Won’t my Baby Sleep? 

Help! Why Won’t my Baby Sleep? - By Sophie Wilkinson, Baby Sleep the Night Pretty much THE big question I was asking myself with my ...
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Stack of pancakes with nutella, stawberries and banana

Feb 10 2021

Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day and Our Favourite Pancake Recipe

Until today, I didn’t actually know why we had ‘Pancake Day’. So, before I get to the yummy pancake recipe, here’s a bit about Shrove ...
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baby foot massage

Sep 22 2020

Baby reflexology

Foot reflexology has nurturing, therapeutic effects for everyone! But because baby’s feet are still not fully developed, they tend to respond better to reflexology. The ...
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Mum Breastfeeding her baby

Aug 11 2020

How baby massage can help breastfeeding

Baby massage has many benefits. We tend to focus on the benefits for baby, but it also has lots of benefits for mum. Helping with ...
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Award Winning Baby Massage Kit Purple - Baby Massage Mat, Bumbino, Kokoso, Online Baby Massage Course, Baby Massage Guide

Jul 8 2020

Award Winning Products!

We are so unbelievably proud to announce that our Baby Massage Kits have won 3 awards from one of the largest and most trusted worldwide ...
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Chinese baby

Apr 15 2020

Birthing Traditions and Practices in China

In China, new practises are in place that follow the modern medical norm, however there are still many Chinese families that follow the traditional birthing ...
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