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Mother's Day card and flowers

Mar 17 2020

Some tips for new Dads on Mother’s Day!

Yip, it’s not just your own mum you need to think about now 😉 So where to start? Well, it’s quite simple really (yet important), ...
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Maori family - traditional dress

Mar 12 2020

Birth traditions of the Māori culture

The Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, who’s culture and traditions are still a central part of life there today. Māori legends and ...
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baby chewing finger

Mar 3 2020

Teething: how to relieve the symptoms

Between four and ten months old, most babies will start teething. For many parents, this can be a difficult time as baby suffers from painful ...
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Dad cuddling newborn baby

Dec 17 2019

Baby and Dad Bonding

Did you know that a growing body of research shows that when dads spend time with their newborns and begin developing a strong relationship with ...
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baby doing tummy time with rolled towel under chest

Nov 14 2019

Is tummy time important?

Is tummy time important? Back when we were babies (I’m showing my age here! ha ha) we usually slept on our tummies. That was before ...
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Dad holding sleeping baby

Nov 8 2019

Can baby massage help baby to sleep better?

Can baby massage help baby to sleep better? The answer is YES! Infants who are regularly massaged by their parents before bed tend to: fall ...
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depressed mum, pnd, postnatal depression

Oct 9 2019

Can Baby Massage help parents with Anxiety and PND?

Post-natal depression (PND) affects many Mums and Dads.  New parents feel like they should be instantly in love with their newborn and be relishing every ...
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Sep 25 2019

Why is sleep so important for babies?

It’s obvious that a good night’s sleep is good for all of us. Even as adults, if we have a bad night, we feel groggy, ...
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new born baby sleeping, with a bare bum

Jul 9 2019

How to prevent and cure Nappy Rash

Nappy rash Did you know that 1 in 3 babies and toddlers have nappy rash at any one time? There are lots of different causes ...
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