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Purple Ampersand

Feb 6 2019

Can the colour of a cushion really affect your mood?

Can the colour of a cushion really affect your mood? As China celebrates its New Year this week, it got us thinking that we could ...
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Jan 31 2019

Energy on a Plate

Has January got the better of you? Are you, like us, feeling a little sorry for yourself? Are you struggling to find the time, energy ...
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Nov 15 2018

What is Serotonin?

It is well known that massage releases Serotonin for both the giver and receiver. But what is Serotonin and why is it so great? In ...
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Nov 7 2018

Down Syndrome & Baby Massage

When I found out it was Down syndrome awareness month in October I decided to write a blog about it and, also about how baby ...
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Oct 11 2018

How Baby Massage Can Help Your Crying Baby

Being a parent is wonderful, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s also no doubt about the fact that being faced with a crying baby ...
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sticky eye, baby massage

Oct 1 2018

Sticky Eye

Did you know that a simple massage routine can help to relieve sticky eye? Sticky eye is a build-up of sticky, yellowish liquid in the ...
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May 18 2018

Post Natal Depression

Postnatal Depression (PND) is an illness that usually occurs within the first year after giving birth. This form of depression can happen very gradually or ...
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Picture of a green, blue and purple bumbino (for nappy-free time)

May 8 2018

The Bumbino – making nappy free time a happy time

Let me introduce you to the Bumbino!   It all started when we were creating our massage kits. I wanted to provide something that would ...
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Massage Oils – which ones to use

Jan 22 2018

Massage Oils – which ones to use?

It’s difficult being a parent at the best of times, but now with the overload of data and the conflicting or inaccurate information brought by ...
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